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Fall Ride
Here is a list of parks brought up at the last meeting with links to their sites. Take a look and lets see if we can come up with an idea of where and when... If there is enough participation we can look at renting a park and inviting other clubs from the area to go in on it... Sicily Island la Morris Mountain al Mountain Side Gasden Al superlift Hot Springs Boggs and Boulders Al
[Image: 2146.png]

Here is another one.

I was working last weekend.

Depending on how it falls with my work schedule, I'm interested.
2001 TJ soon to be trail rig. 2008 Chevy Silverado Z71, DD/tow rig.
Im in if I can get enough of an advanced notice to take off work.
Mountainside looks fun but so do they all. I have never been to any of them so any works for me but I think my vote would be mountainside with hot springs 2nd.
89 yj
4.5 lift 33 SSRs
ford 8.8 rear axle with lockrite locker
8000 lbs winch
full roll cage and tube fenders
any place would be a good time
speaking of time
towing that is
mountain side is 6 hours
morris mountain is 5.5 hours
catahoula is 4.5 hours
hot sprins is 9 hours
boggs and boulders is 2.5 hours

the farther you drive the more hard core it gets
so choose your poison
Trail slut votes on morris mountian
Ryans first post, I am soooo proud ! !
[Image: 2146.png]
now that you have your first post out of the way get off the computer and work on your jeep.
92 yj 33's and some other junk
nother link

located in mt olive, al

where ya been trail slut
twitter: @skytrackermedia
passin on 3 parks i know about rsvp'ing

mountainside is 10 bucks a day--we got the park labor day weekend-saturday - monday for our UA, feel free to join

morris mountain is 40 a weekend, with a 100 buck deposit(this is in whole form NOT per person--sorta like a in stone rsvp so nobody else will jump in there and take it)

gray rock is 750---this is as in whole form also NOT per person, say if u have 15 rigs it would be 50 a person til the 750 is reached, or 20 rigs at 37 bucks a rig, the more rigs ya have the less per person it is.....i was up there saturday evening and seen a few more trails that were made since june
twitter: @skytrackermedia

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