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A friend offered me his cadillac today for my wagoneer:
[Image: 1017.jpg]
[Image: 1034.jpg]

His cadillac is on a military truck frame with 36" military tires. Engine has been pulled, but still has drivetrain all hooked up. He has a big block in another old cadillac that would go with it, we would just have to install it, hook up a clutch pedal, put a carburetor on it instead of throttle body or whatever, and that's about it other than brakes. Looks like something fun to have. I rode in it when it had the other motor. pretty interestin to say the least haha

And yes, if I was to get this, I would be in over my head most likely.
depends on what you want to do. if the front axle in the cady is a 60 you could sell the axles alone for 12-1500.
92 yj 33's and some other junk
See I was thinking about just selling it out. I am gonna go by today and look at the axles and stuff. See just what all there is. Because the wagoneer only has a 27 front axle. But it runs. Then again the shift linkage on the column sucks because its hard to get into 1st and reverse. But it would be easy to fix if you knew what you were doing.
And the caddy could make a pretty beefed up buggy haha
thats awesome
Yeah haha pretty much. The top of my head comes up the the bottom of the windows, though I aint that tall anyways.
I belive they are both d60 front and rear. It has a divorce drive transfer case. It would be best to put a 350 in it to save space and simplicity, but he has that big block in his other car that can be put in it. That motor is huge, and has hoses goin everywhere and wires everywhere. He has a 4.3 v6 that could be put in it, but I'm afraid that it is too small for them axles and tires.
i seen rigs like that at mud bogg racing and the kick ass just not my style
Haha I know what you mean. This boy's brother has a firebird up on a jacked up toyota frame and it looks way cooler than this does.
hmmm divorced t-case and external drive flanges make me think the drivetrain came out of an old dodge truck so might not be worth quite as much as i originally thought but can still make a few dollars off of the axles if you wanted to sell them.
92 yj 33's and some other junk

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