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does anybody go wheeling anymore? the last ride was almost 3 months ago. come on folks, just because i don't have a rig anymore doesn't mean everybody else can't put a ride together.
92 yj 33's and some other junk
Your the man when it comes to wheeling,Im still a noob wheeler and need a good spotter,thats the best excuse i can come up with.I just wheeled in my backyard this weekend.../hijack Sending you a pm about a YJ./hijack.
85 Heep cj7
clifford equipped 258TBI
Two woody shafts
8.8 rear/4.56s/35s
aussie lockers on both ends
Drinking coffee on the porch the other morning, I noticed not one, not two, but four squirrels disappearing under the Raider's tire wells.

I decided to at least crank and move it from underneath the oak trees.
'87 Dodge Raider 4x4 modified 2" lift
'03 Mitsu Montero ES
2011 Volvo C30 T5
bummer to hear. was hopin to see some new pics when I logged on? Just got me some net here in Afgan
2000 GMC Sierra 9" lift, FOR SALE (in Tx), 93 zuk samurai, and 95 zuk Jimny with stuff done to both

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