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new to me rig
Going to use the 300 as a doubler, I guess?
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yeah the box4rocks deal is a doubler kit for a np231. you basically cut off the front half of it and weld in a blockoff plate. and then can bolt another 231 or dana 300 to the back of it. i'll put up some pics this weekend when i pick it up. i have o go down to south denver to get it.
92 yj 33's and some other junk
picked up the doubler today. may tear into the dana 300's tomorrow and see if i can get 1 good one out of the 2 broken ones
[Image: 101_0469_zps2f895c86.jpg]
[Image: 101_0470_zps0560a567.jpg]
92 yj 33's and some other junk
mmmmmmmmmm yummy goodness right here. but the good news is that both output shafts are good in this case so i should be able to swap them into the other one and have a working dana 300. does anybody on here read this anymore? is there anybody here? anybody go wheeling anymore?
[Image: 101_0471_zps8e2109a5.jpg]
92 yj 33's and some other junk
well i ran into a bit of a snag. the donor case turns out to be from 1980. in 1980 the rear output was shorter than the later models so the rear output shaft won't work for me. the front one will still work so it wasn't a total loss. now i either need to source a longer rear output shaft or just pony up the cash for a 32 spline HD rear output setup. which is around $400.
[Image: 101_0472_zpsbbfdf1cb.jpg]

[Image: 101_0473_zps312397d4.jpg]

and this is what came out of the case lol
[Image: 101_0474_zps9677a978.jpg]
92 yj 33's and some other junk
cool spare parts I always have those left over. I still wheel just on my own a lot more than not. I also am waiting on parts to finish my steering pump. I went full hydro. The next step is to link the front. then maybe the rear later. also have my eyes out for a good set of 38's or 39's

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